Operations Division


15 South Smith Street
Norwalk, CT 06855

(203) 854-3228

Link: Customer Service Center

The Operations Division maintains city streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage infrastructure; maintains trees located in city right-of-way; collects and disposes of solid waste including recyclable materials and yard waste; operates the city transfer station and yard waste site; collects and treats wastewater; and, maintains the City fleet of vehicles and equipment (except for fire fighting equipment).

Name Title Email Phone
Torre, Chris Superintendent of Operations   (203) 854-3228
Grant, Joel Fleet Services Manager    
Vesciglio, Bob Road Supervisor    
Mauro, Frank Traffic Analyst (203) 854-3205
Ortiz, Jose Road Supervisor    
Lopez, Jose Road Supervisor    
Paladino, Jessica Waste Programs Manager   (203) 854-3228