About the Division

Our Mission

The primary goal of the Division of Emergency Management is to coordinate a system that will protect the lives and property of the Norwalk residents and businesses.

The City's Emergency Management team continues to grow and increase our capacity to respond. Through regular meetings, exercises and activities, this team of City departments and community and regional partners will be there in any emergency.

The City's Emergency Operations Center is located in the new fire headquarters at 121 Connecticut Ave.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Norwalk is vulnerable to both natural and man-made hazards, with risk varying according to hazard type, location, season, and other factors. As a department, we assess and plan for all potential emergencies and establish processes to determine the severity and magnitude of all emergencies and disasters.

Phases of Emergency Management

Emergency management operations go through many phases and are continually evolving. For this reason, emergency management requires cooperation, coordination, and communication among multiple agencies and jurisdictions. For this reason, emergency operations is divided into phases, depending on whether they occur before, during, or after an emergency or disaster.