Committee Assignments


Members of the Historical Commission serve on one of four committees:

Building Committee

Members of the Building Committee are:
  • Peter Bondi, Chair
  • Joe DiIorio
  • John Kurtzman

Cemetery Committee

Members of the Cemetery Committee are:
  • David Park, Chair
  • Thom Dunlap
  • Kathryn Martino
  • David Westmoreland

Finance Committee

Members of the Finance Committee are:
  • David Westmoreland, Chair
  • Kathryn Martino
  • Charles Yost

Museum Committee

Members of the Museum Committee are:
  • Eric Chandler, Chair
  • Peter Bondi
  • Thom Dunlap
  • LaTanya Langley

Additional Information

The Historical Commission's chairman and vice chairman are on all committees as needed: