Fire Prevention


In many modern industrial countries, fire prevention is perhaps more important than firefighting itself. Firefighters in the U.S. are trained in basic fire prevention methods.

In addition, fire companies are assigned inspection districts in which they attempt to prevent or correct unsafe conditions. Fire departments are charged with enforcing local fire prevention codes and state fire laws and regulations.

Division Activities

The Fire Prevention Division of the Norwalk Fire Department directs fire prevention activities. These activities include:
  • Conducting public education programs
  • Granting permits
  • Handling technical fire prevention problems
  • Investigating the causes of fires
  • Maintaining appropriate records  

Building Inspection

All commercial or multiple-dwelling buildings are inspected at regular intervals. The Fire Prevention Division then issues orders for the correction of violations of fire laws. If necessary, court action is taken to compel compliance.

For More Information

For more information about fire prevention, please contact the Fire Prevention and Inspection Division at (203) 854-0244.