Residential Permit & Application Information

Waste Drop-Off Regulations & Fees

Non-commercial pickup trucks, vans, and cars with trailers require a City of Norwalk Recreations and Parks Dept. Resident Pass Residential Pass. Non-commercial pickup trucks, vans, and cars with trailers shall be directed across the weigh master's scale and weighed. They shall be allowed to annually dispose of one ton of mixed solid waste and bulky solid waste at the Norwalk Transfer Station with no charge. Solid Waste Rules & Regulations

In the event that any single vehicle shall deposit additional tonnage over the one ton allotted, that vehicle shall be required to pay the tipping fees. The user in question may appeal to the Public Works Director in writing.


The city reserves the right to interview the person and inspect the property requesting non-commercial status. The department director shall, within 15 days of such written appeal, hear and decide the matter.

If determined by the director to be a solid waste and/or bulky solid hauler, that vehicle shall be permitted and licensed (see commercial license and application information). Only with sole permission of the director shall the user be allowed to resume tipping as a non-commercial vehicle.

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