Cannabis Zoning Regulations

Proposed zoning regulation amendment to permit various types of cannabis establishments in Norwalk. Please contact Steve Kleppin, Director of Planning & Zoning, with any questions.
The initial guidance from the State of Connecticut indicated that municipalities could have one (1) cannabis retail or one (1) cannabis hybrid retail business for every 25,000 residents. That would equate to allowing three (3) total in Norwalk, based upon our current population. Subsequently, the State removed the limitation on the number of retail or hybrid retail businesses, but the City feels that a maximum of three (3) is appropriate at this time. The draft regulations indicate that there is a hard cap at three (3). Concern has been expressed around the legality of placing a cap on the number of businesses, so the Commission asked to develop language within the existing text that could ultimately lead to no more than three (3) such establishments. The following maps are potential scenarios showing the results of some of the test-fit analyses, with different buffer distances required between retailers as well as from sensitive sites.