Results for Current Week

                                                   The Recreation Adult & Youth Basketball/Volleyball & Baseball Leagues
                                                                     The Fall Baseball League 8-9 Year Old Division
                                                                        United States Postal Service  5-4 Norwalk Mets         
                                                                      My Way Auto Body 10-2 United States Postal Service 
                                                                             My Way Auto Body 13-3 Norwalk Red Sox
                                                                               Norwalk Mets 14-8 Norwalk Red Sox
                                                                    The Fall Baseball League 10-11 Year Old Division
                                                                                     Italia 5-4 Norwalk Beach Volleyball 
                                                                                Italia 7-4 Gilman Hill Asset Management  
                                                                      Norwalk Beach Volleyball 12-11 Accurate Auto Repair
                                                                      Gilman Hill Asset Management 9-3 Accurate Auto Repair 
                                                                      The Fall Basketball League: Division 2: 3-5th grade
                                                                                              Bucs 20-12 Cavaliers 
                                                                                                Jazz 32-11 Blazers
                                                                         The Fall Basketball League: Middle School Division 
                                                                                                 Nets 41-12  Pistons
                                                                                               Hawks 43-41 Knicks
                                                                   The Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League 
                                                                                 19-8 Factset  
                                                                                     NMEF over Hitachi Capital America
                                                                               Boz's Bombers 20-3 Tom's Driving School
                                                            The Thursday Night Men's Industrial Softball League City Playoffs
                                                                                                 Datto 11-5 MBI Inc  .   
                                                                                        Reed Expo 17-11 First Responders
                                                                                                  Mercer 12-7 Altieri
                                                                                             Altieri 21-16 Priceline
                                                                                         Factset 15-0 Graham Capital
                                                                                           Factset over Public Power 
                                                                  The Tuesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                       Uncle Joe's Giants 2-1 Loconut
                                                                                   Factset Ace 2-1 Sunset Beach Bums
                                                                                     Smash Party 3-0 Devine Brothers
                                                                                              Likos 3-0 Fact Setters
                                                                                       Partners in Crime 2-1 SWAT
                                                                                        Can You Dig it 3-0 BJ Ryan
                                                                                          Happy Hour 2-1 MKTG
                                                                                          Factset Attack 2-1 Laurel AC
                                                                                           Clam Diggers 2-1 Jarlesberg
                                                                                         Factset Spike 2-1 Set it & Forget it 
                                                                 The Wednesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League:
                                                                                                         2nd Half
                                                                               Empire Spikes Back 2-1 Blood, Sweat & Beers
                                                                                                    RI Pools 3-0 Feta
                                                                                               Datto Sales 2-1 Reed Expo
                                                                                              Tender Defender 3-0 Fire ball
                                                                                Go Braach Yourself 3-0 Only Rooftop in Rowayton 
                                                                                               Net Results 3-0 I'd Hit That
                                                                                               Don Carmelos 2-1 The Bankers
                                                                                             Sets on the Beach 3-0 IV Leaguers
                                                                                                  Gateway Financial 2-1 Feta
                                                                                            Best Served Cold 3-0 Ball Whisperers
                                                                  The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League: 
                                                                                          Partners Cafe 3-0 Air Time
                                                                                      Wall Busters 3-0 Blastoic Ballers 
                                                                                    Madera's Roofing 2-1 Finishers
                                                                                     BA Happy Hour 3-0 Smash or Pass 
                                                                                          Sono Mercy 2-1 Dig This 
                                                                                     Serves you Right 3-0 Volley Llamas
                                                                                     Vertically Challenged 3-0 Over Served
                                                                                      Notoriuos DIG 2-1 ASML Stroopwafels
                                              The Friday Night Coed Beach High School Volleyball League City Championship 
                                                                                         Sea Dawgs over Diamond Aerial 
                                                                                           The Oysters over Sea Dawgs 
                                                                                             Cappers over Blue Devils
                                                                                             Cappers over The Oysters 
                                                            The Wednesday Night "Rebbeca DiPanni" Coed Beach Bocce league 
                                                                                              IMOB over SBM Becksters
                                                                                      Saints & Sinners over Old School
                                                                                          Happy Hour over Rolling Thunder
                                                                                            Azzurri over The Right Touch
                                                                                         Palle Di Fuoce over Beach Ballers
                                                                                          We Play for Becky over Green Horn
                                                                                           Bocce my Balls over Mad Hatters         
                                                                                         Boccegaloops over Fuhgetabocce
                                                             THE 2018 ADULT SOFTBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS  
                                                                                    Monday Men's Softball League  
Dirt Bags: Regular Season Champs
ACME: 2nd Half East Champs                                                       
Hill Top Pub: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                   Tuesday Men's Softball League 
Smitty's Softball: Regular Season & 2nd Half East Champs 
Cougars: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                     Friday Men's Softball League 
Wildcats: Regular Season Champs 
East Coast Irrigation: 2nd Place 
Snakes: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                           Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League  
Partner Spinners: Regular Season Champs 
Floe Painting: 2nd Place 
                                                                                   Men's Industrial Softball League 
WB Mason: Regular Season Champs  
MBI Inc.: 2nd Place 
Factset: 2nd Place 
                                                                                        Adult Coed Softball League 
Mooney Construction: Regular Season Champs 
O' Neill's Pub: 2nd Place 
                                                         THE 2017 BEACH VOLLEYBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS 
                                                                      Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Block Party: 1st Half East Champs 
Factset Ace: 1st Half West & 2nd half East Champs
Factset Attack: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                    Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Purple Giraffes: Regular Season Champs
Over Served: 2nd Place
                                                                   Thursday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Air Time: Regular Season Champs 
A & A Maintenance: 2nd Half East Champs 
Wall Busters: 2nd Half West Champs