Results for Current Week

                                                   The Recreation Adult & Youth Softball/Volleyball & Baseball Leagues
                                                            The Monday Night Tommy Spinola Men's Softball League
                                                                                   Hoof Hearted 15-3 G & S Services           
                                                                                        Smitty's Softball 13-1 ACME
                                                                                        Zelem Pools 20-8 Key Food
                                                                                         Hill Top Pub 8-7 Dirt Bags
                                                                          Partners Café Pirates 19-4 Digital Chameleon
                                                                                  Ricks Main Roofing 24-12 Spartans 
                                                                                           Bulldogs 11-10 Dirt Bags
                                                                        The Tuesday Night Men's Softball League
                                                                                   Aces 15-14 M2Tactical Solutions
                                                                                  Dooney & Bourke 12-4 Predators 
                                                                                      Blind Rhino 5-4 Yard Dawgs  
                                                                            East Coast Irrigation 15-0 AJM Landscaping 
                                                                                      Cougars 4-1 Bad Bulls USA
                                                                              Delgado Landscaping 18-12 Lobster Craft
                                                                                 Oldham Resource 6-3 Davinci's Pizza
                                                                                     Turf Tacklers 14-9 Dooney Ducks
                                                                                        Turf Tacklers 19-7 Wildboys
                                                    The Wednesday Night Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League
                                                                                         Wildcats 11-9 Yard Dawgs  
                                                                                           Advanced 17-8 Timeless
                                                                                          Floe Painting 14-0 Ninja's
                                                                               M2 Tactical Solutions 9-2 Nunz's All-Stars
                                                                                     O' Neill's Pub 8-6 Nunz's All-Stars 
                                                                   The Wednesday Night Adult Coed Softball League 
                                                                                   Boz's Bombers 12-6
                                                                                               Factset 26-8 NMEF 
                                                                        Toms Driving School 24-14 Hitachi Capital America
                                                                 The Thursday Night Men's Industrial Softball League
                                                                                              Datto 12-7 MBI Inc.  .   
                                                                                 Factset 11-3 Public Power 9-4 MBI Inc.
                                                                                      Achieve Fitness 17-2 Reed Expo
                                                                                            Priceline 18-12 Altieri
                                                                                         Mercer 16-0 First Responders
                                                                                      Graham Capital 22-8 King Industries
                                                                  The Tuesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                          Factset Attack 2-1 Loconut
                                                                                      Sunset Beach Bums 2-1 SWAT
                                                                                    Fact Setters 3-0 Partners in Crime
                                                                                            Smash Party 3-0 Likos
                                                                                        Factset Spike 3-0 Jarlesberg
                                                                                     Clam Diggers 2-1 Devine Brothers
                                                                                         Factset Ace 3-0 Happy Hour 
                                                                                      Can You Dig it 3-0 Set it or Forget it
                                                                                       Uncle Joe's Giants 3-0 Laurel AC
                                                                                                BJ Ryan 3-0 MKTG
                                                                 The Wednesday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                           Best Served Cold 3-0 Feta
                                                                                            Fire Ball 3-0 Spiked Punch
                                                                                           Datto Sales 3-0 The Bankers
                                                                                      Reed Expo 2-1 Blood, Sweat & Beers 
                                                                                            Net Results 2-1 IV Leaguer
                                                                                  Sets on the Beach 3-0 Empire Spikes Back
                                                                                     Tender Defenders 3-0 Ball Whisperers
                                                                                           Empire Spikes Back 3-0 Feta 
                                                                                               I'd Hit that 2-1 RI Pools
                                                                                   Go Braach Yourself 2-1 Gateway Financial
                                                                  The Thursday Night Coed Beach Volleyball League
                                                                                          Air Time 3-0 Smash or Pass
                                                                                       Finishers 2-1 Maders's Roofing
                                                                                   Blastoic Ballers 2-1 The Volley Llamas
                                                                                           Dig This 3-0 BA Happy Hour
                                                                                    The Volley Llamas 3-0 BA Happy Hour
                                                                                            Notorious DIG 3-0 Dig This
                                                                                      Partners Café 2-1 Blastoic Ballers
                                                                                    Vertically Challenged 3-0 Wall Busters
                                                                                             Sono Mercy 3-0 Over Served 
                                                                                      ASML Stroopwafels 2-1 Serves you Right 
                                                                     The Wednesday Night Coed Beach Bocce league 
                                                             THE 2017 ADULT SOFTBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS  
                                                                                    Monday Men's Softball League  
Dirt Bags: Regular Season Champs
ACME: 2nd Half East Champs                                                       
Hill Top Pub: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                   Tuesday Men's Softball League 
Smitty's Softball: Regular Season & 2nd Half East Champs 
Cougars: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                                     Friday Men's Softball League 
Wildcats: Regular Season Champs 
East Coast Irrigation: 2nd Place 
Snakes: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                           Mimi Lawrence Men's Wood-Bat Softball League  
Partner Spinners: Regular Season Champs 
Floe Painting: 2nd Place 
                                                                                   Men's Industrial Softball League 
WB Mason: Regular Season Champs  
MBI Inc.: 2nd Place 
Factset: 2nd Place 
                                                                                        Adult Coed Softball League 
Mooney Construction: Regular Season Champs 
O' Neill's Pub: 2nd Place 
                                                         THE 2017 BEACH VOLLEYBALL REGULAR SEASON CHAMPS 
                                                                      Tuesday Coed Beach Volleyball League
Block Party: 1st Half East Champs 
Factset Ace: 1st Half West & 2nd half East Champs
Factset Attack: 2nd Half West Champs 
                                                                    Wednesday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Purple Giraffes: Regular Season Champs
Over Served: 2nd Place
                                                                   Thursday Coed Beach Volleyball League 
Air Time: Regular Season Champs 
A & A Maintenance: 2nd Half East Champs 
Wall Busters: 2nd Half West Champs