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FRIDAY: 9/20/19: 

The West Division Men's Softball City Tournament' 

Today's schedule can be found in This Week in Sports.

SATURDAY: 9/21/19:

The Fall Baseball 8-9 Year Old League &

The Fall Baseball 10-11 Year Old League: Opening Days.  

Todays schedule can be found in This Week in Sports.      


SUNDAY: 9/22/19:   

The Fall Baseball 8-9 Year Old  League ,

The Fall Baseball 10-11 Year Old League,

The Fall Basketball 3-5 grade Division &

The Fall Basketball 6-8 grade Division: Opening Days

Todays Schedule Available in This Week in Sports


Congratulations to The Men's Industrial Basketball City Champs: NORWALK HOSPITAL

Congratulations to The "A" Division Coed Winter Volleyball Champs: FACT SETTERS.

Congratulations to The "B" Division Coed Winter Volleyball Champs: FACTSET ATTACK.



Congratulations to The Recreation High School Basketball League: Junior Division:

KNICKS: MVP: Ben Boccanfuso.

Congratulation to The Recreation High School Basketball League: Senior Division: 

BULLS: MVP: Nasean Singleton.

Congratulation to The Recreation Middle School Basketball League:

PACERS: MVP: Jazaiah Simms.

Congratulations to The Senior Biddy Basketball League:

BLAZERS: MVP: Tavaris Tweedie.

Congratulation to The Junior Biddy Basketball League:

NIAGARA: MVP: Joe Baskin            

  :For any questions email or call 854-7938 for cancellation updates.  Anybody Please check below for times. Please call 854-7938 or come back to the website for the update. All Teams are responsible for all updates, the easiest way is to follow the updated schedule on this page below. When changes are being made it is updated immediately. You can report scores either by email to this sight or to call my direct line at 854-7921 A.S.A.P. ATTENTION ALL SUMMER/SPRING ADULT TEAMS: The complete list of all 2018 City & Regular Season winners has been posted in the Results section. Congratulations to the winners.orwalk, CT - We have had many people looking for field directions so we put up directions to Calf Pasture and Veterans Park for all teams. We have also posted directions to West Rocks School.

This page announces current game cancellations and/or make-up game schedules. If you do not see your team listed and you believe your game might be canceled, please call the Recreation and Parks Recreation League Division, at (203) 854-7938.

Check back often for page updates and other league announcements.

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For further information or if you have additional questions, please contact the Norwalk Recreation League Athletic Director: at (203) 854-7921.

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