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Facilities and businesses that perform certain regulated activities in the Aquifer Protection Area (APA) were required to register with the Norwalk Aquifer Protection Agency if they were in operation when the APA Regulations were adopted in the summer of 2009. Currently, there are 33 registered facility locations within the APA.

Facility locations within the APA that are not eligible for APA registration (i.e. are not one of the 33 specific registered sites) are prohibited from performing operations that include regulated activities.

Connecticut State regulations define 28 higher-risk activities that are considered regulated activities. If your business performs any of these regulated activities and your business is within the APA, then you must have a complete registration application submitted to the Norwalk APA no later than January 28, 2010. If you are looking to establish a business within the APA that includes any of these higher-risk activities, you are encouraged to contact the Conservation Office to determine your permit need.

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Prior to selecting a form and filling it out, you are strongly encouraged to first discuss your situation with Conservation Office staff to accurately determine your application or permit need. They may be contacted at:

Norwalk City Hall
Room 215
125 East Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851-5125
Ph: (203) 854-7744

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