City Planning 

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Planning is a crucial and necessary function within any successful City.  In order to keep up with our rapidly changing world, whether its environmental concerns such as climate change or changes in how we work, live or purchase goods as a result of shifting to online and virtual platforms, or because of a global pandemic, we must constantly look to the future to keep pace with these changes,

City planning starts with the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), known in Norwalk as the Citywide Plan.  The POCD is a ten-year, state-mandated, planning document meant to guide growth and development in our city.  It also identifies strategies to protect important resources and attributes of Norwalk. The 2019-2029 Plan of Conservation and Development sets the table for many initiatives the City will undertake.

In addition to the Citywide Plan, the City also looks toward other planning initiatives, as recommended within the POCD, often taking a very focused look at specific areas of the city, such as a neighborhood or TOD plan, or looking at the city’s industrial properties to understand the economic benefits and impacts of these uses and to determine where these uses should be permitted.  Ongoing and historic planning initiatives can be found at the Norwalk Tomorrow site. 

What We Do

The Planning Commission is responsible for planning and coordinating the physical, social, and economic development of the City. Specifically, the Commission:

Current Citywide Plan
POCD 2008-2019 Opens in new window

Historic Citywide Plans

POCD 2008-2019 Opens in new window2009-2018 Plan of Conservation & Development
1990-2000 POD cover Opens in new window
1991 Plan of Development

Contact Information

The main point of contact for Planning Commission matters is the Land Use Planner.  Michelle Andrzejewski is the Land Use Planner. 



Mailing Address

Michelle Andrzejewski203-854-7780Planning Commission
Room 129
Norwalk City Hall
PO Box 5125
Norwalk, CT 06856-5125

How to Apply:

Prior to submitting any application, you are strongly encouraged to first review the details of your proposal with the Land Use Planner. She will assist you and help determine the most appropriate application for your situation.  

Click HERE for complete information regarding making an application to the Planning/Zoning Commission. 

Planning Commission Meetings and Membership Information:

The Planning Commission generally meets once per month, typically at 6:00PM on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  Please note, the Commission holds additional meetings in January and February on the proposed Capital Budget; check the agenda pages for the specific dates and times for these meetings. 

Currently, all meetings are being held virtually using the Zoom application.  To learn more about Virtual Commission/Board Meetings, go here.

Please go to the Meeting Notices page to join a meeting or view prior meetings.  

For more information, see links below: