MLK Residential Façade Improvement Program

The purpose of the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency's MLK Drive Corridor Residential Façade Improvement Program is to provide exterior façade design and/or construction assistance to eligible projects located within the MLK Drive Corridor.

To determine if your property is located within the MLK Drive Corridor eligibility area, please search the property address using the Eligibility Area Map Tool.

If your property is located within the eligibility area, next determine if your property is also located within the South Norwalk TOD Redevelopment Plan area. If it is, your project must comply with the Plan's Design Guidelines in the appendix.

Lastly, ensure that your proposed façade improvement project complies with the MLK Residential Façade Improvement Program's Guidelines. If your properties is located within the eligibility area and your proposed work is in compliance with the Guidelines, please begin the application process. The Agency's staff may be contacted about the Program at: or (203) 854-7810

Grant funding is only available to exterior façade work that is visible from public ways. If you would like to do a full exterior and/or interior renovation, please consider applying, either jointly or separately, to the City of Norwalk's Residential Rehabilitation Program.