Pending applications Zoning Board of Appeals

Below is a list of applications to the ZBA. The top of the list is the most recent and currently pending applications. For each application, there are links to the key information submitted by the applicant. This webpage does not contain all information or correspondence contained in each application file. The complete hardcopy of the application file is available for review in the P&Z Office in Room 129, Norwalk City Hall.  

Application Number Documents

Parcel Address Parcel ID Description  Meeting Date
22-0818-01   17 East Beach Dr.   Variance for number of stories, variance for rear setback and side setback, and variance to allow parking within the front setback for an existing single family dwelling in B residence zone. 8-18-22
22-0818-01 Application Form        
22-0818-01 Plans        
22-0818-01 Survey