Building Zone Regulations Update Process

 In 2019, the City completed the Citywide Plan (POCD), which is the guidance document for future growth and development within the City. One of the major recommendations within the plan is the need to update the zoning regulations. The regulations provide the rules regarding how land can be used within the City. The regulations have not seen a complete overhaul in over thirty (30) years. This has resulted in piecemeal changes and has led to structural deficiencies and inconsistencies throughout the document. A complete overhaul is a very time consuming process based on the amount of existing text, the cleanup needed, the complexity of a City like Norwalk, the structural changes required and the incorporation of changes as a result of the Citywide Plan.  

To help us determine our needs, determine deficiencies in the existing regulations and develop a budget for the complete overhaul, the City engaged with the CT firm of Planimetrics to aide in the preparation of an initial evaluation. The link below contains the entire report: 

The report is available here:

Our goal is for there to be an end product that is more user-friendly, web-based, and contains a mapping component for ease of use by all.