North 7: 67-201 Glover Avenue & 2 Oakwood Avenue

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67, 69, 79, 87, 111, 117, 129, 135, 155, 156 & 201 Glover Avenue and 2 Oakwood Ave Google map view 

  • The Zoning Commission has received a request for a change to the Building Zone Map from AAA Residence, Business #2 and Executive Office zone to entirely Executive Office zone, a request to amend the Building Zone Regulations and a Special Permit application for a Master Plan outlining future mixed use developments for various properties located on the west side of Glover Avenue south of Grist Mill Road. These applications are currently under review by staff and the Commission.  Below are copies of the documents and reports submitted; showing the date the document was issued or the date submitted for documents submitted after the original application was received.