Power Company Trimming

Eversource Tree Trimming Guidelines

Eversource Permit

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, Title 23, Chapter 451 and Norwalk City Code Chapter 112, the Eversource Company (Eversource)was issued Permit 2017-1 on December 8, 2016, and is thereby permitted to trim public trees and shrubs for the purpose of maintaining reliable service of utility lines within the boundaries of the City of Norwalk during calendar year 2017.
Eversource has informed the City that it will enhance their tree trimming program in response to the large number of power outages that resulted from the two historic storms that were experienced at the end of the summer and in the fall of 2011, as well as super storm Sandy in October, 2012. The areas that will receive work were selected based upon the year that the area was last trimmed, the number of outages, the duration of those outages and the number of customers that were affected. Please see the 2017 Tree Trimming Permit Map and the Eversource Expanded Tree Work Program Overview attachment.

Eversource, through its tree trimming contractors Lewis Tree Service, will begin working on the following identified areas of the city.
Eversource will make every effort to give at least two weeks notice prior to beginning work in an area.

Additional Information

If you should have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Center at (203) 854-3200.