COVID-19 Business Resources

Reopening Guidance

For sector guidance on reopening please visit and follow the states guidelines posted on their website.​ 

Mask Mandate 

The City of Norwalk Mask Mandate will be lifted as of February 24th, 2022 at 11:59pm. It is at the business owners discretion if they will still require masks within their respective establishment.

2022 COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grants

The City of Norwalk on Tuesday, March 1st at 12 PM will release the 2022 COVID-19 Small Business Grant Program. This program will provide There are a minimum of 51 grants available at this time of which 35% will be reserved for Women and Minority Owned Businesses. They are broken down as follows:

  • 34, $5,000 awards to businesses with 2-5 employees (10 reserved for WMBE Businesses);
  • 11, $10,000 awards to businesses with 6-15 employees (4 reserved for WMBE Businesses);
  • 6, $15,000 awards to businesses with 16-20 employees (2 reserved for WMBE Businesses).
There is a total of $370,000 available. Recipients will be chosen via a lottery system separated by employee count. The grant application will go live at 12 PM and applicants will have three weeks to complete the application stopping the submission of applications on Tuesday, March 22nd at 12 PM.


Outdoor Dining & Retail Sales

Outdoor dining and retail applications will be available for completion online. Applicants will need the following information to complete the application process:
  1. A legible, to-scale site plan
  2. A narrative of the proposed use including, but not limited to, explanation of how any noise, waste management, light, odor, pollution or environmental impact will be handled
  3. If you are requesting to use City-owned property, a certificate of insurance
The outdoor dining application is available here. We have also provided an FAQ document that will ensure that you are prepared for the online submission process and includes specifics regarding the site plan and insurance documentation. 

Please note: use of public paring spaces for outdoor dining is no longer allowed as of May 14th. Those who already have approved permits for their use may remain, however, the City will not longer be processing any additional requests.

Outdoor Dining & Retail Q&A Webinar YouTube Recording

PPE for Businesses

PPE Suppliers List
The state has provided a list of business that have PPE readily available for purchase. You can find the list here:

For the most up to date information on COVID-19 visit
For the most up to date public health information visit the CDCs website.
For the most up to date information on state programs and guidance visit the State's COVID-19 portal.
For questions on any program or to see if your business is essential please contact the DECD Small Business Hotline by phone at 860-500-2333. Inquiries may also be sent via email to