Yard Waste Collection

Storm Isaias - Storm Debris Collection  

The City of Norwalk Department of Public Works will be providing a one-time collection of storm debris citywide starting Monday, August 31, 2020. 

The DPW will collect storm debris street-by-street citywide (except the 6th Taxing District), and once the street is collected they will not return. 

Please have all storm debris curbside at 7 am on Monday, August 31. 

Please note the following, which is different from normal City yard waste collection: 

  • Brush and branches do not need to be cut into 4-ft lengths and tied in bundles

  • Logs will be collection 

  • Leaf/Yard Waste bags will NOT be collected  

All Yard Waste that is left curbside will be collected. However, the City cannot take leaf bags as it impacts sorting operations. Any debris place in leaf bags will be emptied into collection trucks, but the bags will be left behind. Material can also be placed in empty garbage cans or stacked in a neat pile. 

Items must be placed neatly curbside. 

The DPW will not enter anyone's property or go down Private Streets for collection.


Residents of the 4th Taxing District, that receive City garbage collection are entitled to receive City Yard Waste Collection.

Residents are asked to have their Christmas Trees and Yard Waste curbside before 6:00 am on the Monday of their scheduled collection week.

Yard Waste Collection 

The Yard Waste collection schedule for 2020 has been revised due to COVID-19 Pandemic. The revised schedule is as follows:

Week of April 20:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routes
Week of April 27:   Thursday and Friday routes

Week of May 18:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routes
Week of May 25:   Thursday and Friday routes

Week of June 22:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routes
Week of June 29:   Thursday and Friday routes

Week of November 9:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routes
Week of November 16:   Thursday and Friday routes

Week of November 30:   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday routes
Week of December 7:   Thursday and Friday routes

Yard Waste Collection Guidelines
Leaves, brush and grass clippings are on Connecticut’s list of mandatory recycling items.
Please DO NOT mix these items with household garbage.
The City of Norwalk encourages all residents to compost at home and mulch your grass clippings into your lawn.

The Yard Waste Collection guidelines are as follows:
  1. Yard Waste must be curbside by 6:00 am on the Monday of your collection week, listed above.
  2. Leaves will be collected ONLY in brown leaf bags, garbage cans with no lids, or open-top cardboard boxes.
  3. Brush must be less thank 4-feet in length and 6-inches or less in diameter. It must be tied up in bundles, no heavier than 50 pounds or in garbage cans with no lids.
  4. Plastic bags of debris, loose piles of brush and leaves, rocks, soil, and sand will not be collected.
  5. There is a 25 pound weight limit for leaf bags and a 50 pound weight limit for cans. Please do not overload bags or cans.
  6. Logs and stumps will not be collected. They can be brought to the Yard Waste Site, with the proper permits.
  7. If you believe you were missed for a yard waste collection, please call Customer Service (203-854-3200) on the Monday after your collection week. 

Christmas Tree Collection 

Christmas Trees will be collected twice during the month of January 2021:

Week of January 4

Week of January 11 

Please, have trees curbside by 6:00 AM on the MONDAY of the above collection weeks.

No Plastic Bags, Lights, Decorations or Stands will be collected. Holiday wreathes will not be collected.

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