Norwalk Now

Norwalk Now

Norwalk Now is a free marketing and promotional tool available to businesses. Take advantage of it's live calendar feed and built in network to promote events, sales, happy hours, and more! Below are the multiple aspects to Norwalk Now. All of these integrated together in one location has created a holistic tourism and marketing tool for the City that has never before existed anywhere else. A true initiative that is powered by small businesses.

How to Sign Up

  1. Sign-up:
  2. Go to “Be Discovered” and then continue to “Create a Free Business Page.”
  3. Enter your information. Create user/password. A verification email will be sent to you prior to activation. (Please note: It will take a 2-3 hours to verify your business. Please be patient!)
  4. Keep your events / information updated. That’s it! You are on your way to being discovered!
Need assistance? Contact: Jacqueline Marconi,

Aspects of Norwalk Now


Norwalk Now's website is powered by GoNation, a technology startup that uses a unique data-driven approach that makes it possible to create richer content and web presence for small businesses with a focus on hospitality and entertainment. Through this partnership, business owners now have the opportunity to update their content through the GoNation platform that automatically live feeds to Norwalk Now. This can include changes to events, menu items, location, or hours of operation – factors that in the past required multiple lines of communication and updating time through one source. The model puts the power into the hands of business owners and allows the website to be self sustaining and content driven.


The Norwalk Now site allows the user to filter by neighborhood and business type, enhancing the discoverability of many businesses in multiple ways. A user can decide what type of business they are searching for and in what neighborhood which populates a listing of businesses related to their inquiry.

Live Calendar

The Norwalk Now platform also includes a live calendar function that is searchable by day and date. This allows for businesses with reoccurring events such as happy hours and deals to promote themselves through the platform and live within the real-time calendar. Event location changes or is canceled? No worries! Hop on your go nation page and simply edit the event. The changes will reflect immediately!

Modes of Transportation

The website additionally includes a tab that focuses on the different modes of transportation available throughout the City making it easier for visitors to navigate without hassle. This includes options such as Wheels2U and the multiple parking facilities located throughout the City.