Mayor's Dashboard

Rilling Headshot 300x300Welcome to the Mayor's Dashboard – an interactive look at the information and statistics that help guide the City. These data sets are reflective of the interests, needs, and concerns of Norwalk residents and businesses. The Mayor's Dashboard offers a glimpse into what we are doing well, where we could find room for improvement, and where we are missing the mark. We have presented this information in a modern way to tell the story of what is happening all around Norwalk. Most of this work occurs behind-the-scenes, but I felt it was important to put this information directly in the hands of the public.

Norwalk is data-driven, and we make decisions based on facts, trends, and information. Much of what you see presented on the Mayor's Dashboard I am using to steer the direction of our City. Our residents expect and deserve high-quality services and have the right to know their tax dollars are going to good use. I firmly believe in government transparency, and I am thrilled that we can share this information directly with the public. I think you'll agree – the Mayor's Dashboard is an excellent example of how Norwalk is genuinely an open and transparent City.

The Dashboard also represents the priorities and focus of my administration. What you won't see here is information grouped by department. Instead, the Dashboard is deliberately sorted into six different areas that I believe represent the fabric of what makes Norwalk a great place to live, work, and visit. I am incredibly proud of what we have put together. Displaying this information on our homepage shows our commitment to accountability and continuous improvement. We will continue to use this information to help make government more effective and efficient to deliver the quality and timeliness of services expected by our residents and businesses.

We currently have more than 100 data points that were selected based on feedback from City staff and their experiences interacting with the public. This information was not chosen because it made us look good, but rather, it was what we felt the public would be interested in seeing. The Mayor's Dashboard is a living product, and we will continually look to add and expand the information as we move forward. Currently, the Dashboard reflects a year-over-year comparison. Data from the last Fiscal Year (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) is uploaded, and throughout this current Fiscal Year, the public will be able to see the 2020 numbers as they become available.

I hope you will take the time to explore the Mayor’s Dashboard and let us know what you think as we continue to grow and expand this information. Your feedback is critical and will help inform where we go next.

Mayor Harry W. Rilling 

 The Mayor's Dashboard