Bulky Collection

Call-In Bulky Waste Collection 

2022 Pilot Program


The call-in collection program is available to City of Norwalk residents that receive City garbage collection (4th Taxing District). 

The 4th Taxing District has been divided into four sections each section is assigned one bulky waste collection per month. 

The collection day will be on Wednesdays. 

The map for collection areas: BULK PICKUP MAP

The 2022 Collection Schedule is: 

Bulky Schedule 2022

To request collection of bulky items: Residents are required  call Customer Service at (203) 854-3200

Requests can be placed anytime up until 4:30 p.m. on the Monday before the scheduled collection. If a holiday falls on that Monday, until noon on Tuesday.

Residents must specify items they are placing at the curb.


Bulky Waste Collection Flyer

Bulky Waste Collection Flyer (Spanish Version)

Below is the list of acceptable and unacceptable items and program guidelines.


Bulky Items
Furniture – Couches, Chairs, Bookcases, etc.
Rolled rugs/ carpets (no more than 4 feet wide)
Metal Items
Metal Appliances (Washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, etc.) – CANNOT contain Freon
Large Plastic Items – Children’s Toys, Outdoor chairs, etc.


Household Hazardous Waste
Liquid Waste – including paint
Vehicles & Motor Parts or anything with a title of ownership (e.g. motorcycle, trailer, etc.)
Propane Tanks (can be disposed at Norwalk Transfer Station)
Yard Waste
Construction & Remodeling Debris
(concrete, sheetrock, masonry, toilets, sinks, pipes, shingles, tiles, furnaces, fiberglass, etc. )
Single-Stream Recycling
Clothing & Textiles
Freon Appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifier, etc.)


  • Collection will be of Bulky Items; Metal Items; and Hard Plastic Items ONLY – not part of normal weekly curbside garbage collection.
  • Bulky Item Collection is offered to residential properties only (up to four units); this collection is not available to commercial locations which receive City curbside garbage collection.
  • Household hazardous waste, tires, electronics, propane tanks, Freon appliance (air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, etc.), concrete and Construction Materials will NOT be accepted.
  • In order to receive collection, residents are required to call Customer Service to schedule collection and list items to be collected.
  • Different trucks will collect different types of materials – Bulky Items, Metal Items, and Hard Plastic Items.
  • Items must be neat and orderly placed curbside before 7:00 am on the scheduled collection day (and not placed more than 48 Hours prior). Items should not be placed on or close to mailbox, fence, or utility pole. DO NOT block sidewalks or street with items.
  • Bulky Items collected will only be those listed during call-in to Customer Service. If additional items are placed at curb, they will not be collected.
  • Bulky Items will only be collected from the residence where it is generated. Do NOT place bulky items on a neighbor’s curbside pile – this is considered illegal dumping.
  • Do not put out cardboard boxes for collection; either empty or filled with bulky items.
  • Please place like-items together. For example – place metal items together, place hard plastic items together, etc.
  • The Bulky Item pile will be stickered or a door hanger will be placed at the Residence and nothing will be collected if these guidelines are not followed.
  • If your Bulky Item was missed, please call Customer Service on the following day after your scheduled collection day.


For more information on the Call-In Bulk Waste Collection Program, please visit www.norwalkct.org or contact the Customer Service Center at (203) 854-3200.

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