2019 - 2029 Plan of Conservation & Development

Welcome to the 2019 - 2029 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) page

The POCD is a ten-year, state-mandated, planning document, meant to guide growth and development in our city. It also identifies strategies to protect important resources and attributes of Norwalk. The newly adopted plan, which is effective as of December 5, 2019, sets the table for many initiatives the city will undertake. 

NEW: 2019 - 2029 Norwalk Citywide Plan https://tomorrow.norwalkct.org/wp-content/uploads/Norwalk-Citywide-Plan.pdf

Link to Norwalk Tomorrow website: http://tomorrow.norwalkct.org/  

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Draft - Norwalk Citywide Plan 2019-2029 Plan of Conservation and Development

The City signed a contract with Stantec’s Urban Places Group (http://www.stantec.com/our-work/sectors/community-development/urban-places.html) to conduct the study.  They began their work in August of 2017 and concluded in October 2019.  

The City also conducted Redevelopment Plan updates for Wall Street, Washington Street and West Avenue, as well as a city-wide parking study.  In order to provide a singular message and outreach, we are working with a web development/public relations firm to coordinate outreach.  This will ensure there is no duplication of message or meetings.  This site provides basic information such as meeting agendas, minutes and links to resources, while the combined planning site will provide the robust content.  

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Steve Kleppin, Planning & Zoning Director

Oversight Committee (PCOC)

The Planning Commission is tasked with overseeing and implementing the POCD.  Considering the importance of the POCD and the level of interest shown in updating this plan, an oversight committee (PCOC) was established to assist the Planning Commission in overseeing the plan update.  The PCOC represents a diverse group of residents, leaders and staff who bring their history and perspective to the process.  A list of Committee members can be found here:

PCOC Roster

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