Risk Management

Risk Management coordinates the City’s Property and Casualty Insurance coverages such as Property, General Liability, Auto Liability, Excess Workers Compensation, Public Officials and Law Enforcement Liability, and Builders Risk; recommends risk management policy for insurance contract matters; facilitates the City’s claim filing process; and looks to help reduce exposures that could lead to loss or damage to City assets.

How To File A Claim With The City of Norwalk:

To initiate a Liability claim with the City of Norwalk, a Claim Form must be completed as fully as possible, and submitted to the Office of the City Clerk.  The City Clerk is located in City Hall, Room 237.  The mailing address is:    

City of Norwalk
Office of the City Clerk
125 East Avenue, Room 237
Norwalk, CT  06856
Phone Number: 203-854-7777

The City will utilize the services of a Liability Insurance company to help assist with review of claims submitted.   You may hear from the City’s Liability Insurance carrier after you submit your claim to the Office of the City Clerk.

Should you have any questions regarding the claim filing process, please contact Risk Management at 203-854-7972 or via e-mail at CSchmidt@NorwalkCT.org.