Major Active Development Projects in 2019

   c2-small 1 Chestnut

   1 Chestnut St 122,000 sf mixed use development with 5,800 sf retail, 11,000 sf office and 122 dwelling units.

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The following is a brief update on the numerous projects recently approved or currently underway throughout the city.


Silvermine Tavern: 192, 193. 194 Perry Ave/1 River Rd: Silvermine Tavern Village District construct new barn, add 4 new units cluster housing, rehabilitate Silvermine Tavern buildings, convert mill buildings to single family residence with guest house, reconfigure existing parking lot, add valet parking. Construction complete on cluster homes, Mill House, inn/tavern; construction underway on country store.
Grist Mill Village: 150-174 Glover Ave - 761 unit Commercial Planned Residential development (3 separate sites) - Construction complete on 232 units Bldg A; construction.underway Bldg B and C
White Barn Theater: Special Properties III, LLC – 78 Cranbury Road/440 Newtown Ave – 15 unit conservation development – Approved; no permits issued for construction. Extension of time granted until April 2019; theater building demolished.
The Village: Main Norwalk LLC - 272-280 Main Ave - New 100,000 sf retail development - Approved April 2017; extension of time granted to 2020.
Malta House 139 West Rocks Rd Maternity home for 15 residents Approved June 2019; no permits issued for construction
Westport Arts Center: 19 Newtown Turnpike: 8,000 sf public museum for Westport Arts Center - Construction complete
Innovation Center: 15 Oakwood Ave - Proposed zoned change and new 24,000 sf office and R&D with 3 units - Approved April 2018; no permits issued for construction.
Shawn's Lawns: 2 Muller Ave - Contractor's storage yard with motor vehicle repair - Approved Nov 2019; no permits issued for construction
Yew Street Partners: Brierwood Road - 5 unit conservation development - Approved April 2018; no permits issued for construction
Aiken Street: 73 Aiken Street - 17 unit conservation development. Approved effective September, 2018; No permits issued for construction.


10 Willard Rd: 587 CTA LLC d/b/a EDG Properties  - Proposed amendments to allow storage facilities by Special Permit on lots of 7 acre or more - Application pernding
Bright Beginnings: 517 Westport Ave Proposed child day care center - Approved April 2018; construction underway
19 Willard Road: 7,000 sq ft millwork shop in existing building  Approved November 2019.


EDG Properties: 71-75 Connecticut Av – 33 units and 14,800 sf medical office. Approved October 2018; no permits issued for construction.
Ponus Ridge Middle School: Hunters Lane – Additions for K-8 STEM School - Approved August 2018; construction underway
St. Mathew Church: 216 Scribner Avenue - Church recreation center - Construction underway
Bob's Stores 59 Connecticut Av (former Toys R Us) New furniture store tenant - Construction underway


Highpointe West: 74-88 Main St; 6-8 North Av; 37-45 High St: 285,458 sf mixed use development w ith 212 dwelling units and 14,250 sf retail – Approved by Commission February 2016; extension of time granted to Feb 2020; no permits issued for construction.
Highpointe East: 42-48 High Street: 91,174 sf mixed use development with 66 dwelling units and 4,320 sf retail – Approved by Commission February 2016; extension of time granted to Feb 2020; no permits issued for construction.
The Pinnacle 467 West Avenue New 521,821 sq ft mixed use development with 330 units, 496 seat iPic movie Theater(42,826 sf), 22,509 sf restaurant, 23,979 sf fitness center, 3,602 sf office and 942 parking spaces. Approved 2017; extension of time granted to October 2020; no permits issued for construction

Waypointe South Block The Pinnacle
6 Butler St: Relocate 8,600 sf historic building from 3 Quincy St for reuse as office. Approved October 2017; no permits issued for construction. .
Wall Street Place (POKO): Wall & Isaacs Sts: Mixed use development at former Isaacs St municipal parking lot. Phase I plans for 101 multifamily residential units, 16,800 sf of retail & restaurant space; approved in 2008. Project will include first fully automated 213 sp parking garage and 100 sp of public parking. Currently under construction.
Head of Harbor South: 6 Smith St - New mixed use development with 5,000 sf office and 60 residential units. Construction complete.. 
1 Jennings Place: King Industries - 15,000 sf building for Maritime Rowing Club - Approved January 2017. current;y under construction


230 East Avenue 5-6 story, 276,408 sf mixed use development with 189 dwelling units (215,025 sq ft), 39,492 square feet office, 4,260 sq ft gross (2,130 sq ft active) restaurant, 5,550 sq ft gross (4,163 sq ft active) retail and 15,939 sf Pooch Hotel (existing) in 4 separate buildings.  Approved effective April 13, 2018; modified plans approved May 2019; construction underway.
Third Taxing District: 16 Rowan Street – 2 story storage building. Approved October 2017; construction underway .


The SoNo Collection: 100-101 North Water St - 8 story, 1,096,987 sf mixed use retail shopping center development adjacent to I-95 with 676,550 sf retail, 58,196 sf restaurant/cafe, 3,033 space parking garage (2 parcels). LDA approved by Common Council and Redevelopment Agency October 2015. Zoning Approved June 2016; modified Nov 2016. Conditional CZC issued.. 
Maritime Aquarium: 10 North Water St – Construction underway on new addition and major interior renovations to existing Aquarium building. Currently under construction
Washington Village: Trinity Financial & Norwalk Housing Authority - New 193 unit multifamily development in a Transit Oriented Development area Zoning permits issued for Building C.Dec 2018; construction underway
121-123water st
Harbourside SoNo-  TR South Water St LLC – 123 Water Street - New 6 story development with 129 residential units and 3,870 sf retail in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area Approved April 2018; revised plans approved August 2018; construction underway.
SoNo Metro 1 Chestnut St - New 5-6 story, ±122,000 sf development w/5,800 GSF ground floor retail, 11,000 sf office and 122 multifamily dwelling units (16 units in former LeRoy Shirt Factory currently under construction and 106 units in new bldg in a TOD area; no permits issued for construction)
Residence Inn by Marriott: 43-47 South Main St – 8 story 102 room extended stay hotel and 106 sp indoor valet parking approved in 2009; modified in April 2016. Council approved modifications to Urban Renewal Plan. Modified to reduce # of rooms and provide additional onsite parking Approved April 2016. Conditional CZC issued.
Columbus Magnet School: 11 Ingalls Ave – New 60,000 sf school - Approved; no permits issued for construction
Play CT, LLC - 85-89 Water St - 29,000 sf multi activity entertainment complex - Approved January 2019; construction underway. 
One Bates Court - Metropolitan Realty Associates: 1 Bates Court - 40 residential units Approved December 2016; Extension of time granted to December 2018; construction underway
Web Construction: 34 Meadow Street – Contractor’s storage yard. Approved August 2017; completion Spring 2019.
Clarke Capital - 64 South Main St/8,10,12 & 14 Elizabeth St New 68,000 sf mixed use development with 19,400 sf retail and 40 residential units: Showroom relocation permit issued; no permits issued for construction


111 Rowayton Ave 5 multifamily dwelling units - Approved October 2019; no permits issued for construction

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