Juvenile Justice

Youth who are truant, deemed “beyond control,” or who have been arrested for a misdemeanor offense have the opportunity to use the Juvenile Review Board in lieu of having their case processed through the Juvenile Court in Bridgeport. The Juvenile Review Board Coordinator evaluates each referral in collaboration with the Norwalk Public Schools, Norwalk Police Department, and Juvenile Court to determine whether or not a referral is eligible and appropriate for Juvenile Review Board processing and services.

Youth who have their cases processed through the Juvenile Review Board may be required to make restitution, do community service, attend individual or family counseling, and/or participate in anger management programming. Drug testing may also be a component of this service and additional services may also be recommended.

Youth and families who fail to comply with the plan recommended by the Juvenile Review Board may have their case transferred to the Juvenile Court in Bridgeport. Youth may only use this program one time.

The Juvenile Review Board is comprised of representatives from the Community, Youth Services Department, Police Department, Juvenile Probation, Department of Children & Families (DCF), Behavioral Health Agencies, Substance Abuse treatment Agencies.
The intent of this program is to divert youth from the Juvenile Court system and lessen the likelihood youth may eventually be involved in the Adult Court system. The Juvenile Review Board also provides a broad range of services and a greater degree of case management within the local community.