How To Research A Property

Researching a Property

Our office is able to provide copies of building permits and certificates of occupancy, from files, which you identify as needed to be viewed. We do not accept freedom of information requests via fax or email.

In order to locate the building permits that you are requesting, you must go to the Tax Assessors office (Room 106) and research the field cards. The Tax Assessor's Office has the 1983 and current field cards. Both field cards must be submitted to our office during a research request search.

Our office contains the 1929, 1959, 1972 field cards. Once you have obtained the information you are requesting, our request form must be filled out properly with the permits you which to view. The research request form is located in our office (Room 121). Please make sure you include what the permit was for (i.e. addition, swimming pool, demolition, woodstove, ect.) We then request the files be brought to our office from remote storage and notify you when they are ready for viewing with a Building Inspector.

We can copy permits for you at a cost of .50 per 8x11 page, $1.00 11x14.

*Please note- building plans are not copied within the Building Department. We use an outside company to make the copies. A request form must be filled out in order for the plans to leave the office. Fees are determined by the size and amount of drawings which must be paid prior to copying.
Please be aware that all violations go through the Health, Fire, and Zoning departments.

View research request form with this link:
 Research Property Request