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Building Zone Regulations
Building Zone Regulations
The content within Norwalk's online zoning regulations is for informational purposes only. For copies of the Zoning Regulations amended to April 29, 2016 for questions regarding the zoning regulations, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (203) 854-7780.

NOTE:  This is a courtesy copy of the Building Zone Regulations for the City of Norwalk. The Official version is published by General Code Publishers. Should there be any discrepancies between this text and the Official version, the Official version will govern.

Table of Contents

The Building Zone Regulations are divided into articles as noted below:

Schedule of Height and Bulk of Buildings
The Schedules provide the permitted height, setbacks, density and coverage allowed in each zoning district:

Maps and additional information
Transit oriented development at South Norwalk
RR Station
Main Street Outdoor dining
Norwalk Center Parking map
South Norwalk Parking map

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