Engineering and Construction Division


125 East Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06856

(203) 854-7791

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The Engineering and Construction Division prepares, reviews, and evaluates the design of capital improvements; performs survey functions, and inspects construction projects for conformance to plans and specifications; issues permits for and inspects work done in city right-of-way; operates and maintains the traffic management system; performs traffic studies; reviews development plans for subdivisions, commercial and industrial site plans and reports; operates and maintains certain city buildings; and, maintains the city’s maps and Geographic Information System (GIS).
Name Title Email Phone
Cipriano, Monique Executive Secretary (203) 854-7792
Burns, Elisabeth O. Principal Engineer
Lo, Alan Building and Facilities Manager
Yeosock, Michael Asst. Principal Engineer
Berndlmaier, Drew Senior Civil Engineer
Sotnik, Paul Senior Civil Engineer
Diaz, Marissa Assistant Civil Engineer
Little, Tom Permit Engineer
Birney, Steven GIS Analyst
Asare, Nate Junior Engineer
Mauro, Frank Traffic Analyst (203) 854-7791
Eshraghi, Fred Traffic Engineer (203) 854-7791
Valadares, Vanessa Senior Civil Engineer
Berkun, Nicholas Junior Engineer/Permits
Wilk, Fran Engineer Aide
Kogan, Greg Assistant Civil Engineer
Giron, Wilber Junior Engineer
Ho, Arron Junior Engineer